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- Sensoren - Interface - Feldbus - Sensors - Interfaces - Fieldbuses

  WORLD-BEAM® QS18FF Background Suppression
WORLD-BEAM® QS18FF Background Suppression Sensors deliver plug-and-play usability. Select from preprogrammed models for 50 mm (2") or 100 mm (4") fixed-field sensing ranges

where the sensors will only detect objects within their preset sensing range and ignore all others outside the range regardless of the object's surface reflectivity. And, because the QS18FF sensors do not contain any adjustment push buttons, DIP switches or knobs, they are less at risk for any tampering or altering. Simply mount the sensor so that the target will pass within the predefined sensing range and they are ready to begin operating. Also, especially significant is the QS18FF's highly competitive $69.00 price! More >>>

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