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  Perpetual Mobility A new conveyor sensor
A Conveyor System Manufacturer Profits from New Sensor Family - Owing to most advanced manufacturing technologies, the new inductive sensors of the uprox®+ family can do without a core and winding and thus offer many ...

...new options in terms of system planning, installation and operation.

The AFT Group based in  Schopfheim, Germany, is one of the many companies profiting from the new sensor development. Since the company has employed the new sensor generation, it has been able to enhance operational system safety, reduce down-times and significantly increase their productivity.

Can you imagine a world without cars? Even though mobility has become one of the most essential factors of modern life, hardly anyone has an idea of the complexity of the entire car building process – ranging from individual component selection to delivery of a brand-new vehicle to the sales shop, ready for drive-away by the customer.


And since we all know that time is money, mobility and availability play an important role already in the production phase. In an automotive plant, a myriad of components and modules must be transported, transferred to and removed from stock, palletised and de-palletised, lifted, lowered, tilted and positioned. And within all these processes, errors such as a jam on the conveyor line must be reliably prevented. This is where the small, yet essentially important inductive sensor comes into play: uprox®+, the new generation of inductive sensors from TURCK ensures the implementation of smooth and error-free automation and conveyor technologies in the automotive plant. 


The new sensor development contributes to reducing the costs of the industrial process, while, at the same time, ensuring high system availability and enhanced productivity. uprox®+ is the response to the user’s call for a standard sensor suited for universal application in the widest range of applications. TURCK’s uprox® sensor and its further development, the uprox®+ generation, combine novel coil and manufacturing technologies to create a product offering a multitude of highly effective plus points. All inductive sensors of the new generation operate without a reduction factor (the same operating distance for all metals), are weld-field immune, provide an extended temperature range, highest levels of EMC and user-friendly mounting options. 


Innovative systems require innovative components

The company AFT (automation and conveyor technology) also believes that this is true. The company works with an international staff of 330 employees and two works in Germany. The conveyor system manufacturer pursues highest standards in quality assurance and attaches great importance to internal research and design. The flexible cooperation with the automotive sector ensures cost savings and improved work procedures, which are positively influenced by the application of the innovative proximity sensor.

Strategic and lean sourcing is one of the first stages of process optimization. The prices of most inductive sensor suppliers hardly vary.  AFT, however, does not only look at the price of the individual component, but closely considers all the related technical features. In order to test these in detail, a test routine was set-up in the Bautzen factory, comprising all the automotive plant’s conveyor stations. With the help of this system, the engineers were now able to obtain a clear impression of the product’s capabilities under real-world conditions. TURCK was requested to present add verify the product benefits of the new generation of inductive sensors with the help of this test system. The rectangular sensor styles CK40 and Q80 were installed for test purposes.


Recognizing future potentials

With uprox®+, both the system engineer and the end user can distinctly cut the costs of their processes and – at the same time - profit from excellent system performance and availability. The AFT team in Bautzen could only confirm this statement with their tests: “The results were positive. Particularly the universal CK40 sensor (with non-flush, partial embedding and flush mounting options) was tested in detail and clearly demonstrated its potentials for future projects.”  Today, the staff of the AFT group no longer consider inductive sensors “old hat” because the innovative features of the TURCK sensor’s have convinced them from the opposite.

New Sensors: Product Development Results


Initial savings can be achieved with the uprox®+ family due to its extremely service-friendly design, but this is merely one point of the sensor’s cost-saving conception. The operating range, within which secure detection is ensured, is extended by the new generation of inductive sensors, and is easily and quickly adjusted. The sensors permit partial embedding in metal and recessed mounting, so that operational reliability and utmost mounting flexibility are ensured.

Streamlining the range of the inductive sensors has had many positive side-effects: material shortages are avoided, sensors can be quickly replaced, maintenance is facilitated and, naturally, all these factors help cutting costs.


uprox®+ efficiently standardises the line of sensors required, so that today only a small range of sensors is needed to cover the whole range of applications. By reducing both the number of conventional sensors and special devices, average purchase costs can be significantly reduced. Lean inventory management is a logical consequence of the lean range of standard sensing devices. High system availability is ensured due to the protective mounting options, high switching distances, operational reliability and excellent EMC.


The new uprox®+ ASIC is a pre-requisite for the safe and reliable function of the applied inductive sensors. The new ASIC features, for instance, more precise evaluation of the oscillator signal, a special temperature compensation and a protective circuitry with switch-on pulse suppression. With uprox®+, the times are gone, when mechanical damage and destruction of sensors caused failures and downtimes.  In the rare event that a sensor fails, an exchange is no longer an expensive problem: standstill times have been drastically reduced based on the high accessibility of spare parts and simple sensor adjustments. uprox®+ applies the same high standards to the essential aspect of EMC. The sensors have been tested to meet far stricter requirements than legally required and thus provide the highest operational reliability.


The author:
Dipl. Phys. Ing. Silke Kenzer

Is product specialist for position and proximity sensors
at Hans Turck GmbH & Co.KG  Mülheim / Ruhr

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