Flow monitoring in drum washers

IO-Link enabled flow sensors control the supply of cleaning agents

Automotive suppliers use industrial drum washers to remove adhesive substances, such as drilling emulsions, rust film or greases, from submersible constructions, mounting parts and small batch parts. For this purpose, they usually use acidic and alkaline degreasers or cleaning agents, which are fed into the washing process. 

Thanks to sensor support, users have a clear view of the media supply and can continuously monitor the quality of the cleaning process. Due to its high protection class and the use of selected materials, Turck’s FS+ flow sensor is specially designed for use in such harsh environments.

Your Benefits

  • Flexible installation thanks to free sensor alignment and 340° rotating sensor housing
  • Fast commissioning with Quick-Teach: Set the switching point in seconds
  • Reliable long-term stability due to high repeatability

  • Reliable: FS+ sensors monitor the flow and temperature of liquid media

  • Resistant: High protection classes allow the sensors to be mounted in harsh environments

  • Functional design: Intuitive operation of the sensor via touch pads

Maximum protection against ingress of moisture 

In combination with the innovative sealing concept, the material combination protects the FS+ against the ingress of moisture — whether due to splash water and spray during use or during high-pressure cleaning of the device. The IP6K6K, IP6K7 and IP6K9K protection classes guarantee the sensor’s long-life cycle. Furthermore, the readability of all displays is ensured, as the translucent front cap and metal housing are scratch-resistant and inscribed using a laser.

Error-free setting of the switching point

The flow sensor issues an alarm as soon as the intended reference flow is exceeded or undershot. The switching point can be set in just a few steps in Quick-Teach; users can define it directly at the sensor. Delta flow monitoring guarantees that the teach point is taught-in at the right time, which significantly reduces accidental or systematic errors.

Simple mounting and commissioning 

The FS+ is easy to mount, which also saves a great deal of time when setting up the application. The sensor always operates within the specified parameters, regardless of how the sensor is aligned in the pipe. The sensor head can also be subsequently freely positioned around 340° to conveniently adjust the display and electrical connection.

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