Measuring process pressure on scissor lifts

PS+ sensors reliably control the pressure of hydraulic cylinders

Hydraulic scissor lifts for lifting and positioning heavy workpieces place demanding requirements on the pressure sensors of the hydraulic cylinders: Pressures of up to 400 bar can occur at the beginning of the lift. Turck's robust pressure sensors of the PS+ series therefore also come with a metal measuring cell (PS510), offering an overpressure resistance of up to seven times the nominal pressure and ensures hermetic tightness even in the event of overload.

Your Benefits

  • The sensors are highly resistant thanks to the laser-welded stainless steel housing and a fully-sealed cover, increasing system availability
  • Teach locking mechanism prevents any unauthorized access to parameters
  • Intuitive operation via capacitive touchpads that feel like a smartphone

  • Robust PS+ sensors monitor the hydraulic pressure of scissor lifts

  • Red and green for clarity: All display functions can be displayed in two colors

  • The user interface of the PS+ sensors makes it convenient to read off values and operate the device

Locking mechanism for extra safety

The practical challenges involved with using a scissor lift were also considered when designing the user interface for the PS+ sensors. This includes that the pressure sensor menu offers protection against operating errors. The device is unlocked using a swipe motion; a password can be set if necessary. Users can select the preset Turck standard menu guidance or switch to the VDMA standard.

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