Identification of Mobile Containers with Handheld Devices

The identification of mobile containers is particularly important in the pharmaceutical industry, as the purity and safety of the production must meet the highest standards. Mobile containers can be identified and monitored by means of RFID. In this way, the tag stores the time stamp, for example, which can be read out by an employee via the handheld device.

Monitoring with RFID enables the automatic refusal of the content of a mobile container after sterilization of the container or after the end of the shelf life of a precursor. Automatic resterilization is also possible. In this way, the product quality is ensured during and after the process without complex manual monitoring.


  • BL ident ensures the quality of the pharmaceutical products by monitoring the identity and time stamp of the container to be sterilized
  • High flexibility through manual positioning of the HF read device

  • I contenitori sono chiaramente identificabili con il dispositivo palmare e il tag

  • Il tag può essere ovunque utilizzando il dispositivo palmare

  • I tag della serie BL ident sono versatili

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