Reliable Skid Detection in Automotive Production

Flexible NI40UE Efficiency Line sensors ensure precise skid positioning

Skid conveying systems are used in the automotive industry to transport workpieces and modules. The position of the skids must be reliably detected in order to control the downstream processes. Sensors with a 40 x 40 mm design are also preferred in transport and handling applications due to their easy handling and compact design. Mounting must also be flexible and quick since the sensors are aligned differently according to their mounting position. The limited mounting space available also makes the mounting of larger sensor types impossible.

Your Benefits

  • Versatile use thanks to small metal-free zones, magnetic field immunity and Factor 1
  • Time saving and easy mounting thanks to toolless adaption of the active face
  • Cost saving by reducing the number of required variants

  • The NI40UE Efficiency Line sensor enables body components in body-in-white production to be conveyed

  • For position detection from below, the sensor is mounted in rectangular recesses on the steel plate

  • The sensor head can be positioned in five directions without tools simplifying mechanical installation

  • The compact Factor 1 sensor detects skid positions reliably and ensures the availability of the process

Extended application options thanks to reduced space requirement

In these demanding conditions, the NI40UE-QV40 inductive limit switch with an increased switching distance of up to 40 mm really comes into its own. For position detection from below, the Factor 1 sensor of the 40 x 40 mm design is mounted on the steel panel of the transport frame in the provided rectangular recesses with an edge length of 100 mm. The surrounding metal parts of the plant structure protect the device. The compact Efficiency Line sensor is ideally suited for applications with limited installation space available since only a minimum metal-free zone is required for interference-free operation. 

Rapid mounting and high flexibility

Since the sensors are aligned differently depending on the installation conditions, it must be possible to position the active face as quickly and easily as possible – to the front, to the left or right, or facing upwards. The flexible sensor head of the NI40UE-QV40 can be aligned in five different positions quickly and without the use of any tools, thus considerably simplifying the mechanical installation.

Magnetic field resistant and robust

With IP68 degree of protection, a magnetic field strength of up to 300 mT and a temperature resistance of -30 to +85 °C, the uprox sensor is ideally suited for solutions in logistics applications and meets the highest demands for availability and operational reliability.

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