Monitoring of Quarter Turn Actuators

Pharmaceutical plants have a lot of valve positions that require monitoring. Complex designs with two proximity switches, initiators, and housings are nowadays obsolete.

DSU-35 dual sensors by Turck can be mounted simply and easily on any standard valve. The rounded housing bay prevents contamination between initiator and sensor housing. In addition to the digital acquisition of the valve position, Turck also offers the analog version Ri360-DSU35 for control valves.

Your Benefits

  • The inductive DSU35 dual sensors capture the valve position of quarter turn actuators
  • Easiest assembly and adjustment
  • Detergent-resistant plastic housing
  • Various electrical output signals: Intrinsically safe, AC/DC 2-wire, DC 3-wire, analogue output, NAMUR, AS-i, Device-Net
  • SIL 2

  • Sensore di angolo per attuatori rotantiIl 

  • Grazie ai perni gialli, la posizione della valvola è chiaramente visibile da qualsiasi posizione

  • Turck offre la versione analogica ad alta risoluzione, l'RI360-DSU35, per le valvole di controllo 360°

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