Measure Throughput and OEE on a Case Sealer

Maximize throughput and reduce downtime by harnessing existing data from your equipment.

Tap into almost any existing equipment from legacy sensors and lights—or new ones; Banner’s Snap Signal technology will connect and convert data from your existing products or any new technology.  
How quickly can you ramp up? Sensors and lights already installed on your machine connect with ease; just tee into each signal and push it to the cloud with Snap Signal. To monitor existing sensors and lights, add a tee or splitter cable to harvest discrete or analog signals that are already installed on these machines. This allows you to monitor these devices without disrupting the existing control system. Snap Signal Converters are used to convert each of these signals to a smart serial protocol so they can all communicate on a common network. Our DXM gateway is added to collect the information in one place and send it wherever you need it; options include a SCADA system, PLC, or the cloud. If you do not have a cloud platform, check out Banner CDS, which is a turn-key platform for monitoring all your assets in one place and sending notifications when alarms occur.

Build the IIoT ecosystem you have always wanted with Snap Signal products from Banner Engineering.

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